poweredbydiesel asked:

So I watched some tv tonight and well this Subaru commercial made me feel an insane amount of rage. This group of city people set up a campsite the take a camping selfie then leave. Like has our generation become so based on how many likes a photo get people will do that?! I swear campsites should not allow the following: wifi, satellite tv, and anything that would make people rather stay inside or play on their phones. Grrr people need to learn to fucking camp

I honestly couldn’t find a camping spot around here where you even get cell phone reception

poweredbydiesel asked:

Once you get this you must give 6 random facts about yourself, then send to your ten favorite followers

1) I’m a diabetic
2) Paula Deen and her niggas ain’t got shit on my cooking
3) Big Sky brewery is my favorite… Literally all of it.
4) Hockey is my favorite sport
5) The car of my dreams is a 1950 Studebaker Land Cruiser
6) Bruce Springsteen is my obsession

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