Anonymous asked:

I saw your confederacy flag post saying "You need a history lesson and not one they teach in high school" So I was wondering if you can educate me on how that flag is not racist?

The flag was created for those who broke away from the Union in attempt to keep the values that the Union was taking away from them such as judicial review, the opportunity for big enterprise, etc. The flag did not develop racial meaning until the KKK later adopted it.

Thought of the day: body image

  • I feel as if the world focuses way too much on a woman's body. It used to be that people would judge bigger girls and drool over thinner ones. Now all I see are posts written by bigger girls, talking about how they are better than everyone else because they have "curves". As someone who is naturally thin, this drives me up the wall. Ladies, stop with the hypocrisy. Bigger girls are allowed to love their curves because it makes them seem confident, but I'm not allowed to love my "bones" because it makes me seem shallow. They are allowed to accuse me of being anorexic, but I can't accuse them of eating too much. They can tell me that I need to eat a few Big Macs, but I can't tell them that they should lose a few pounds.

  • So many people also bring up the fact that the few extra pounds "aren't their fault". Well, you know what? There are many thin girls that are just naturally thin! We don't all starve ourselves, just like not all of you live off of potato chips, McDonald's and other foods that contribute to malnutrition. We also don't all make ourselves throw up after each meal to stay thin. Most of us are either this way because of hard work and a healthy diet, or we are just naturally this way.

  • Another thing that drives me up the wall is the obsession with thigh gaps and size 0 pants. Who cares if somebody has either? Being a size 0 doesn't mean that the person is skin and bones. I'm more than 100 lbs, but I still fit in size 0 American Eagle jeans. A thigh gap doesn't mean the person is skin and bones either. It just means their hips are positioned more outward, aka "birthing hips". That is probably the only reason why 85% of girls with thigh gaps actually possess that quality.

  • People, just quit worrying about other people's bodies. It's none of your business. All that matters is that they are happy with themselves, rather they are a size 0 with a thigh gap or "curvey". There are plenty of beautiful women on each side of the spectrum. Victoria's Secret models are skinny but absolutely beautiful. Queen Latifa is overweight but she is rockin' it! She is absolutely stunning! Although, it doesn't matter what I think of them. What truly matters is their confidence and happiness. Nobody has room to judge anybody based solely on body type. Everyone has their flaws, and there will always be somebody out there who finds those flaws to be beautiful.

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